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Coffee has mystical powers! I am not sure where the powers behind this dark drink originate, but I know coffee has the tremendous power to kick start the human mind each morning and prepare them for the hectic day ahead. Without coffee, people can become zombies and some even cross the line into the irritated zombie world. Coffee seems to be the waking force to Americans across this land. As a result of the mystical coffee power, people are spending a HUGE amount on coffee each morning.

Now I understand that you may not be one of these people, but if you are, consider how a $4 cup of coffee may be destroying your monthly budget. First, note the numbers below:

  • 5 working days a week X 52 weeks a year = 260 work days
  • 260 days – 10 days vacation – 10 holidays = 240 work days
  • 240 work days X $4 a day for coffee = $960 a year on one cup of daily coffee!

While $960 dollars does not seem like much money for a years time, consider that is $20 a week for a total of $80 a month! Just on ONE CUP OF COFFEE in the morning. Seems a little high now, doesn’t it? Consider even further that I used $4 for a cup while some coffee blends are well beyond $4 for one cup.

Also, consider the other things that go along with that $4 cup of coffee:

  • The $4 scone?
  • The  $3 bagel?
  • The $4 muffin?

While I am not against the major coffee houses, and even the small ones, I am against people not seeing the long run of their habits. I have seen many people buy $4 coffee everyday and then hear them complain about how much money they do not have. They usually want more money without considering what they are spending on coffee.

Consider some alternatives to spending $4 a day on coffee:

  • Use your coffee pot at home to brew a cup to take with you each day and deposit $4 into a jar for you coffee fund. (Set the jar by your coffee pot so you can see the amount grow.)
  • If you like gourmet coffee, consider purchasing some ground coffee or coffee beans to grind out your house. (Our family uses Gevalia as well as others. Notice the link to the right.)
  • Consider cutting your coffee intake in half. Simply buying a regular cup of coffee at McDonald’s instead of the $4 kind. Cutting the cost from $4 to $2 makes a big difference.
  • If you still must have your grande-choco-latte-creamy-quad-spresso, consider buying a refillable mug from the coffee house and refilling it each time. Some places will give you a discount on the price of coffee.

What are you suggestions to saving some money on your morning coffee?

Just some thoughts…