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A while back, I received Master Leaders by George Barna with Bill Dallas for my part in the Tyndale Blog Network. (Tyndale provides me a copy of the book and I get to review it.) The review has taken longer than usual, because I took longer than usual to read the book. Sounds like a “duh” moment, but trust me, it is not.  Mr. Barna takes the reader on a journey through a “shop talk on leadership” by getting his readers to imagine sitting down in room with many of the best leaders on the earth today. You could call it a Leadership Extravaganza.

The book is not a regular “how-to” on leadership, instead it contains information written as a conversation. The material in the book is solid, practical leadership material written from a different perspective. Once I began reading this book I was intrigued with the style and format of the conversation style of writing Mr. Barna undertakes. His style brings the reader in the same room and hearing the same questions and topics as Mr. Barna has written. With a style as Mr. Barna uses, the reader is able to picture himself in the same setting hearing the same conversation.

As the conversations happen, leadership truths are mentioned at every turn, so get your highlighter ready. The leadership truths found in this book provide thoughts for further reflection and study. All 16 chapters are filled with leadership truth that could provide a foundation for further study. Every chapter of my book contains highlights. Statements I gave more reflection are:

  • “Leadership is not about what you do as a leader, but about what you can inspire or encourage or empower others to accomplish.” (Page 14)
  • “Culture is a socially transmitted way of practices…Leaders have to model the culture on a day-to-day basis or it will never take root.” (page 51)
  • “It helps to be wise more than smart, smart more than dumb and persistent more than anything else.” (page 54)

There are hundreds of other leadership truths I reflected on and still reflect on, but those are a small sample of what the book holds.

The leaders “conversing” in the book range from military leaders, religious leaders and CEOs. The blend of the business world, with the spiritual and military styles also provide for an excellent look at how every leadership style blends and mixes together to form a great leader. Having the time to listen to many great leaders from various areas of life will only help the reader to balance the different areas of life into on quest for success.

The book is a good read if you have time to drink a cup of coffee and indulge yourself in a little leadership shop-talk. Mr Barna, and Mr. Dallas, will provide you with information to improve your leadership walk, but you must be willing to read it and apply it.

Just my thoughts on Master Leaders.