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A few years ago, I was given a person invite to attend a small business network meeting at a local restaurant on a Tuesday morning. Little did I know that Tuesday morning would impact my life. The invitation to attend that Tuesday morning meeting was given by BethAnn of Premier Designs Jewelry. BethAnn invited me because I had a decal on my car due to a small business I was involved in at the time.

From the moment I walked into the meeting, I could tell BethAnn was a servant. Her friendly greeting and her overall hospitality was beyond board for any small business networking meeting I have ever attended. It was clear she was not there to sell you her product, but she was there to assist you to help make your business a success. She embodied the standard of bringing value to small business.

BethAnn is a tremendous small business owner with a sense of adding value to others while having her own company and seeking to serve others. It is clear from the reviews from her customers she has the right mindset and work ethic to find the success she has gained.

Her company, Premier Designs with BethAnn, will help you find the perfect, quality item at a reasonable price. She has plenty of testimonials from customers showing the great work she finds in helping others with the perfect jewelry item. Ladies, give it a look. Guys, this is the perfect place to find that one jewelry item for your wife.

Take a moment and read these reviews form her Facebook Page:

“Great customer service. Takes the time to make sure you get the right jewelry and know how to wear it. BethAnn provides personal service, even offering to help go through jewelry you already own to find complimentary pieces from her collection. She knows her stuff – just describe a piece and she knows just what you are talking about.” – Jennie

“BethAnn is awesome! She is very knowledgeable about the jewelry she is selling and also always shows all the ways to wear the pieces (which many ways I would never think to wear them). The jewelry I have bought so far has been awesome and the quality is great!” – Amanda

If you have a moment, why not drop on over to BethAnn’s Facebook Page, give it a like and see what offers BethAnn’s has for you. You can find her Facebook Page by clicking here.


Be sure to check out BethAnn’s website by clicking here or the image below:


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