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With the recent happens around the world, more people as focusing on personal security that in years past. It seems no matter what your community is like, no one is immune to trouble. It can happen anywhere at any time.

What does it take to keep your mind aware in various circumstances?

Are you supposed to trust your “gut instinct” (intuition)?

In “The Gift of Fear,” Gavin de Becker gives common sense tactics that each person should follow and practice. There are simple steps each person can take to be aware of their surrounding and trust their “gut” to stay safe. However, many people disregard those simple signals. The examples provided in “The Gift of Fear” are tools to learn form so the same mistakes will not happen in your life. Each example provides several teaching moments that Gavin de Becker guides you through.

Usually, I do not single out a group of people, but this book is a valuable read for women. This does not discount its value for men, but women should take some time and read this valuable resource. Parents, use the information in this book as a teaching tool for your children. Children need to be taught how to leave (escape) situations so no injury occurs. This book will be a valuable resource to families.

Personally, since reading “The Gift of Fear” my focus in a variety of situations have changed. Several times when I would normally ignore my “gut instinct” I found myself trusting it more and walking away from situations.

I highly recommend reading this work. It is large, but well worth your time.

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