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First, let me begin by thanking you for taking part in the “7 Day Gratitude Challenge.” I hope you were able to gain insights to being a more gratitude filled person and even begin taking steps to be more grateful each day.

As a small gift, I would like to give you a PDF copy of the articles so you can reflect on them later. You can print and keep them close for daily reading or you may store them on your computer for later reflection.

I would ask you keep them for your personal use and do not distribute them at this time. I will be offering another 7 Day Gratitude Challenge in January as we begin the new year.

Here is a link so you can download your copy – Click here.

If you have not downloaded the Gratitude Journal, you may do so here.

Also, as another Thank You gift, I would like to offier you the images below so you can print, use as a desktop background, share on social media, etc.