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Are you already planning for December?

Are you planning to close out 2018 on a positive note?

Below is a free printable calendar for December you can use to plan to end the year in a positive way. The calendar is in PDF format so you can print it, download it and even share it with your friends, team and family.

The calendar features one of our favorite motivational quotes by Brian Tracy. One the bottom of the calendar you will notice two boxes: one to write your top three priorities for December and one to write your monthly goals. These boxes will help to keep your priorities and goals in front of you al all times.

Be sure to place the calendar in a location were you can see it: on your desk, on the wall beside your desk, on the door, on the refrigerator, etc.

Be sure to check back next month as we release the January 2019 Planning Calendar as well as the Planner for all of 2019!

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