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As mentioned in the previous article, self-discipline is not only an overlooked characteristic of achieving success, but it is a key to success. You can read the previous article by clicking here.

There is little doubt that all successful people are self-disciplined. If you dream of becoming a successful person in your life, you should start with instilling discipline in all aspects of your day-to-day life. Try as you might, there are hurdles that you are bound to face when you are trying to achieve self-discipline.

In this article, we are going to see some of these stumbling blocks and ways to overcome them.

Falling to Temptations

At the beginning of the year, this is a big one. Your goals have been set and the road is clear, but with every step, there is temptation in the way.

Your goal may be to go for a walk for an hour every day. You may set the alarm at 6 AM to get up and get moving and things may go good for a week, but problems start creeping in.

You might fall victim to the “five more minutes” thought and click that snooze bat one morning. The extra time grows with every single day and eventually, you lose the motivation to wake up early.

Eating healthy may be your goal to a better 2019. For the first few weeks you are on track to achieve your monthly goal…then the cheesecake appears. While cheesecake is not bad, the temptation opens the door for one piece, then the thought of “one more will not hurt” enters your mind.

Temptation is the main stumbling block stopping you from achieving self-discipline, but there is a solution!

Just do it! Yes, it’s easier said than done, but in this case, all you can do is drag yourself out of your bed and wash your face with ice-cold water so that you beat your temptation.

Giving up

It is two months into the year and it has been a tough one. You are frustrated at your achievement and you are ready to quit. None of your friends are keeping all of their goals, why should you?

Giving up is one of the most common obstacles on the path to achieving self-discipline and success. You go for a walk every day, but you realize you are not losing enough weight. You might be losing weight, feeling better and becoming more active, but it is not reaching your immediate expectations. So, you feel frustrated and give up. You feel bad about yourself, and as a result, your self-esteem hits a new low.

There is a solution to giving up.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Do not let other people’s expectations become your goal. Instead, set goals for you.

In the above case about walking, you felt you weren’t losing enough weight because you had set an unreasonable weight loss target for yourself. Set practical goals that can be attained, so that you don’t give up too easily.

Remember, set attainable short-term goals to reach your long-term goal. Also, remember to track your progress with each step. Seeing your progress will make a big difference in your achievement.



Stress? Does anyone have stress?

Self-discipline is indirectly proportional to stress. You cannot motivate yourself to go beyond the line when you are mentally and physically stressed. Stress changes your mindset and in turn, it changes your outlook.

For example: you might want to wake up early and go for your walking schedule every day; however, you might be stressed with your office commitments, and this might make walking seem less important in your life. Stress changes your thinking. Stress and encompass your thoughts taking you off track to reach your goals.

There is a solution! It is important to indulge in some mental conditioning exercises such as yoga or meditation, so you feel calm. Having mental clarity and calmness is an important aspect of self-discipline. You can use a smart phone app like Headspace to clear your mind.

Also, remember to take time to breathe. Slow pattered breathing will slow your body and your mind helping you to get your mind back on track.



This is a big stumbling block, not just in self-discipline, but in many other aspects of people’s lives. It is a game stopper for most people.

Procrastination is the most common stumbling block to achieving self-discipline. Procrastination is also the stumbling block that many fall into every day. Procrastination eventually leads to stress and stress can lead to giving up.

Postponing things to a later date when the timing is right is one of the biggest excuses you will find, and possibly make today. Your doctor may have advised you to walk for an hour to lose weight, but you may convince yourself that you would start at the beginning of next month or after the cold weather.

Soon you find yourself pushing exercise away for another excuse. You can always find an excuse to procrastinate, but will you instead find a reason to succeed?

Allow me to offer a solution: You have to understand that there is no better time than “now”. You need to live in the present and make your today perfect so that your tomorrows are successful.


Final Thoughts

First, understand that each of these stumbling blocks can be overcome. You can overcome each one if you will work at them. Stay focused on your road to better living and you will see the big picture you can accomplish.

Second, realize that just because you overcome one stumbling block today, they may show up again on your road to better living. It is up to you to find the best possible solutions. You can benefit from learning what to do to overcome each one.

You can do it, you just need to go do it.

To your success,