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It’s Monday!

Most people need a little mood enhancement on Mondays. Honestly, most people dislike Mondays, but Monday can be the start of a great workweek and the first step to a week of successful achievement.It is up to you and me to determine where we want to go this week. We can choose a positive attitude and soar with the eagles, or we can choose a negative attitude and live with the turkeys.

What may help change your outlook is a little mood enhancement.

If you’re feeling a bit blue, you might be surprised to hear that are lots of ways to lift your mood in a few minutes. If you are not quite blue yet, you may still need a quick pickup.

Below is a short list of 12 ways to improve your mood in a few minutes.


Give these a try and see!

#1 – Put some drops of lavender and orange essential oils in a diffuser. These oils have been shown to help with anxiety and to promote calmness and positivity. The aroma is enhancing and refreshing. Our body responds to scents and smells.

#2 – Have a snack. Sometimes you need a little snack to lift your spirits. A handful of tree nuts or a square of dark chocolate will send endorphins flooding into your brain and lift your mood fast. Use good food to boost your mood. Stay away from fast food which fills space but brings a sluggish feeling later.

#3 – Get some sunshine. Take a minute and go outside to get some fresh air and some sunshine. Studies have shown that people who have significant exposure to light have less depression, fewer sleep problems and are even more productive. If you can’t make it outside, go and look out of a window. Enjoy the day you have been given.

#4 – Go for a walk. Walking around the block will help to lift your heart rate and energy levels. Ok, this might be a little more than a few minutes.  Like point #3, it may be that you just walk to the window in your office or walk out the door and breathe a deep breath of fresh air but get up and move toward the sunshine and fresh air.

#5 – Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Did you know that many people give no thought to breathing? Do this: Breathe in and out deeply three times. As you breathe, focus on breathing.  Focused breathing lowers your blood pressure and calms the mind. As you take those breaths, listen to yourself. Relax and breathe.

#6 – Lift your shoulders up to your ears and then let them drop.  Have you ever kept tension in your shoulders? Most of us do it every day. When stress arises, we tend to clinch up and get tightened muscles.  Try following lifting and lowering your shoulders at least three times and feel the tension fade away. It’s easy to hold on to a lot of tension and stress without realizing it. Remember to focus on your movements and take them slow.

#7 – If you’re feeling nervous before an interview or presentation, go into the stairwell or the restroom. Breathing in, open your arms wide, breathing out give yourself a big hug. It’s almost impossible to do this without smiling.  This might seem a little odd, but it works. If you do not feel like giving yourself a hug, then stretch our arms as high as you can, then lower them to your toes.

# 8 – Smile! Not enough people smile. Smile and make eye contact with a colleague or the guy in the coffee shop or the person serving you at the deli. The physical act of using your smile-muscles can genuinely make you feel happy. And it’s contagious. Chances are you’ll make them smile too and improve their day. Many times, you can make a big difference with a small gesture like a smile.

#9 – Stand up straight, lift your head and throw your shoulders back. Adopt a Wonder Woman or Superman pose and feel the change in your energy.  Change your posture throughout the day. Stop slumping at your desk all day long and change postures. Get out of the habit and slouching and get in the habit of sitting straight.

#10 – A cup of tea or coffee will instantly lift your mood. This is one of my favorites. You probably know that caffeine is a stimulant, but even low or no caffeine hot drinks will give you a boost or calm you down whether it’s chamomile or green tea, a chai latte or hot water and lemon.  A change in a drink’s temperature can stimulant your mind and body.

#11 – Listen to music that you love. You can choose custom mood music or play your old favorites. With technology the way it is, you can create playlists from a variety of music and play it directly from your phone. You can take soothing music with you wherever you do. Music has been shown to have a powerful effect on mood.

#12 – Write five positive things about your life. Many people are not accustomed to looking to the positive. Instead, they dwell on the problems and not a solution. Spend a few moments writing down five positive things that have happened, are happening or will happen today. Focus on the positive and you will see your attitude slowly beginning to change.

Which one will you try today?

Remember, many times it is the small things you do which can make the biggest difference.  

Which one of the 12 ways will you try today?

Whether you are reading this on a Monday or another day, these will work. You will need to put your attention to them and follow through with actions. Deciding to do them Is not enough, you must act.

Are you ready to act?

To your success,