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How many of you have heard of the Placebo Effect?

‘Placebo’ comes from the Latin word for “I will please”. The Placebo Effect has been observed in medicine and psychology to refer to a patient getting better after taking a medication, when the medication itself actually had no effect on the patient at all.

Result: It was their expectation of the medication that really made them feel better.

To offer an example, think back to the movie Space Jam.

If you haven’t seen it, Mr. Jordan gives the Tune Squad some water, but tells them it’s his secret juice to help them perform better. Sure enough, they started to feel better and play better basketball. It was just water, but because they thought it was some secret potion, they made it into something powerful.

How can we feel better just by expecting to feel better? This effect has been studied for a while and it has baffled many. Yet it is still used to this day. When we think positive things, we train our brain to be positive and usually makes positive things happen.

But there’s another side to the coin; the ‘nocebo effect’.

Nocebo comes from the Latin word, “I shall harm”.

The Nocebo Effect has the same effects as the placebo effect, but on the negative side. When we think negatively and expect negative things to happen, we feel negative.

Researchers found that people who expected to get a side effect from a certain drug almost always got it, even if it had nothing to do with the medication or treatment itself. It’s been reported that several have died because they thought they had only a limited time left on Earth.

Our brain is a powerful thing.

In addition, scientists have studied what worry and stress do to our body. I don’t think I need to list them here because we all know the effects of stress and worry.

Stress and worry are not good things for our bodies or our overall lifestyle. Many are depressed and have serious physical and mental health issues due to the amount of stress and worry in their lives. The Nocebo Effect definitely has a place when discussing stress and worry.

Here at The Road to Better Living, we want you to think positively and live a better life.

We want to help people to feel good and that means believing you can do this.

The more positive you think, the better you feel. Each one of us can train our brains to think positive thoughts, which will help us do positive things.

If you need help to change your thinking into a positive action, let us know.

If you truly want to live a happier life, it can be done.

Kevin Micuch is an author, entrepreneur and creative consultant.

He is the author of Quickening Ceres available on Amazon or through his website The Kevinci Kode. Kevin has a passion to assist people in changing their mindset so they are able to grow in their development.

You can find Kevin on Twitter encouraging others to live a more positive life.