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We’ve all heard it before. A small child crying out of nowhere. A grumpy adult snapping back at people. Maybe even some road rage thrown in there. Why are people so mad? It’s probably because they’re not getting enough sleep.

If you want more positivity in your life, you will need to get more sleep. Studies have shown that your brain can’t function without at least six hours of sleep. We’ve all heard about the eight-hour average too. I’ve heard of nine being the goal each night as well because it will complete 6 cycles of NREM and REM sleep which occur every 90 minutes. To be honest, everyone is different though. Overall, we just need to get more.

Today’s society is so rushed and busy, that usually its sleep people are sacrificing to succeed in life. I even struggle with it myself. Many people disregard sleep, thinking it hinders them from living when, in fact, it’s hurting us and can even cause health problems; and make us cranky. Who wants to be around that?

Sleep for us is like charging our phone. It recharges us for the next day, so the more, the better. While we sleep, systems like our respiratory and digestive slow down. Therefore, it’s not a superb idea to work out or eat an enormous meal before turning in for the night. On the other hand, ones like our immune system get boosted. That’s why it’s best to get as much rest as possible when you’re ill.

Studies have even shown a nap during the day could have great benefits. It can improve things like your mood and creativity, while being good for your health. You don’t want to nap longer for an hour as it could ruin your night sleep or leave you feeling groggy from sleep inertia. Your best bet is about a half an hour.

Now, for many, whenever our head hits the pillow is when our mind is going crazy. We just can’t fall asleep. Why not try this exercise few things to help get to sleep faster? We can wait until you’re in bed first.

There? Great!

To fall asleep, we need to feel completely at ease. We need to be in a state of serenity. That means no phones! When you’re reading or listening to something, you’re not at ease because your attention is focused on those things. After reading this, just close your eyes and try focus solely on your breathing.

Then lay on your back and try to relax your body. Go from the bottom and work your way up. Start with your feet and go to your head. Relax your feet. Let them sink into your mattress as if you were in quicksand.

Once you’ve done that, move up your legs. Calm your calves and then the back of your knees. Make yourself dead weight, allowing the bottom half of you to collapse beneath your upper half. Your torso being next, loosen your stomach muscles, making them drop into your spine. Make your back muscles catch your front muscles. Let your bed hug you as you sink further and further into it. All while still trying to concentrate on your breathing, which should be slow by now.

Last, your shoulders and your head. I like to picture my head being so deep into my pillow, it might close on me. Let the back of your skull sink into your pillow as you gently drift into dreamland.

Let us know if this worked for you. If so, will you continue to use it? And if this made you yawn, that’s a bonus!

Kevin MicuchKevin Micuch is an author, entrepreneur and creative consultant.

He is the author of Quickening Ceres available on Amazon or through his website The Kevinci Kode. Kevin has a passion to assist people in changing their mindset so they are able to grow in their development.

You can find Kevin on Twitter encouraging others to live a more positive life.