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Body Language Mastery – Free Ebook

As part of an ongoing series of projects, rights were obtained to a series of resources which will be offered to our email list at no-cost. However, to give you a sneak peek at some of the offerings, this e-book, “Body Language Mastery” will be made available to you as a viewer of this website. I would appreciate it if you would sign-up for our weekly email list. You can do so by clicking here. The sign-up for is on the right side of the page. You make download the file by clicking the image before and opening the...

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Attitudes to Avoid

For years, various studies have shown our attitudes determine our outlook. Put another way, some say, β€œIt’s your attitude that determines your altitude.” As you go throughout your daily activities, people can tell much about your life by your attitude. You attitude is viewed in your voice tone, your facial expressions and even in the way you walk. Have you ever seen someone walking toward you and immediately known what their attitude would be? We all have been there and I am sure we will be there again. Below is a list of a few simple attitudes to avoid....

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Got 15 Minutes to Listen?

Do you have 15 minutes to listen to a video containing more information that you need in a day? If you have never heard of Les Brown, you should give a few of his videos a listen. Les is a powerful speaker who brings challenging ideas in a way everyone can understand. I encourage you to play this video. You do not have to watch it necessarily, but let it play in the background at your office (with your speakers down), at your home, or even on the phone as you are involved in other projects. After listening to...

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Ideas on Journaling

Several years ago I heard Jim Rohn talk about journaling and at first, I ignored it. The more and more I listened to Jim Rohn and other personal development speakers, the greater understanding I gained. I always pictured journaling as keeping a diary and I was not one to keep a diary. Instead, journaling is a record of your thoughts, ideas, quotes, memories and anything else you want to write or fill in those blank pages. Since beginning my process of journaling, I have found myself depending on my journal at various times. My journal has been a safeguard...

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Book Review: The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

With the recent happens around the world, more people as focusing on personal security that in years past. It seems no matter what your community is like, no one is immune to trouble. It can happen anywhere at any time. What does it take to keep your mind aware in various circumstances? Are you supposed to trust your “gut instinct” (intuition)? In “The Gift of Fear,” Gavin de Becker gives common sense tactics that each person should follow and practice. There are simple steps each person can take to be aware of their surrounding and trust their “gut” to stay safe. However, many people disregard those simple signals. The examples provided in “The Gift of Fear” are tools to learn form so the same mistakes will not happen in your life. Each example provides several teaching moments that Gavin de Becker guides you through. Usually, I do not single out a group of people, but this book is a valuable read for women. This does not discount its value for men, but women should take some time and read this valuable resource. Parents, use the information in this book as a teaching tool for your children. Children need to be taught how to leave (escape) situations so no injury occurs. This book will be a valuable resource to families. Personally, since reading “The Gift of Fear” my focus in...

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