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Hooked: A Book Review

Whether the world desires to believe it or not, casual sex is having powerful effects on the lives of thousands of teenagers. The effects are not only felt immediately, but linger for years in a person’s life. No book speaks to the effects of casual sex in the lives of teenagers and adults than “Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children.” The research behind Hooked is staggering and powerful; from the immediate effects in the lives of teens, to the lasting effects into the lives of adults, to the quotes of real people on the...

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52 Ways to Begin to Change the World

52 Ways to Begin Changing Your Life Today (No-Cost or Low Cost) Do it! Stop Complaining! Serve someone less fortunate. Collect quotes Volunteer Mentor a child Do something without personal glory Turn off the news Get rid of the stuff in your home (6 month rule) Make cookies for a neighbor Organize a neighborhood cookout Send one encouraging card a day Write a nice note and do not sign it Cut a neighbors yard Rake someone else’s leaves Offer to babysit for a young couple Stop checking email Attend church services Assist someone carry groceries to their car Put...

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A Facebook Favor

Another day, another stolen Facebook identity. Friends, lock down your Facebook. The world of identity theft is growing rapidly, because people are trying to find easier and more efficient ways to become a criminal. There are those who sit at home and do nothing more than find ways to hack someone’s account. (I say bring back tar and feathering for these people, but that is another topic). Recently, after a large number of people having their Facebook accounts hacked, I decided to lock down my Facebook account as much as possible to prevent craziness from effecting my friends. Doing caused a brief moment of frustration because sharing my posts became a problem because they were “private.” While this caused some delay, it brought a greater sense of security. Then it happened…another friend request from an already friended friend. Friends, I encourage you to lock down your Facebook. Spend time looking at your security settings so you are not allowing or even opening the door to have your account hacked. Use common sense when adding people to your friends list. A rule I use is to not add friends for a week once I have received the request. This gives me time to think about whether or not they are a friend or a number on a list. Regarding Facebook Messenger, some messages of people you are not friends with...

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A Weekly To-Do List

Each week, my wife and I sit down and plan the week ahead. Communicating those time gaps are greatly important to growing our family and living our dreams. Take a moment and look at a “To-Do List” you can use this week as you plan and live this week. Communicate love to my family. Eat dinner with my family. Do something special with each member of my family. Read 100 pages this week. Do something out of your comfort zone this week. Send a note of encouragement this week. Turn off your cell phone for one hour and relax. Take a walk and listen to nature. (Stop missing the world around you) Creating a better life begins with acting on your knowledge. Use this week to work on the knowledge you have gained. Just my thoughts, Share...

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42 Things I Learned at 42

On October 20, 2016, I turned 42. In my feeble years on the this dirt clod we call Earth, I have made many mistakes but also done some fun things. I have been blessed with people in my life who have pushed me to keep going and have been blessed with great critics who tried to bring me down. I have had successes and failures. I have made friends and lost friends. I have been hurt and I have hurt people. I have regretted parts of life and gloried in others. I have lived because I have been given...

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