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Get It Done!

Today you have a list; whether a big list or a small list, you have a list of things to accomplish today. Some of you are reading this right now instead of working on your list. Others have already begun working on their list and they are halfway done. Still others are retired and there only list is golf—if so, enjoy your day. Each of us awake to a list of things we are going to accomplish in a given day. I wanted to share some tips to get your list done. A list of suggestions are below to help you “Get it done!” How to “Get it done!” Turn off social media – Take a break for a set period of time and get away from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. The biggest, at least for me, is not getting taken into the “YouTube Vortex” of countless videos. Get away from your computer – Write in a journal or legal pad then come back and type it. Getting you away from the computer allows you to get away from those email popups. Work 30, Off 10 – Take 30 minutes and work on one item from your to do list and then take a break for 10 minutes. Work 30, Off 10. Walk away from your desk and take a break, but remember work an honest, hard 30 minutes. Start small – Start with...

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31 Ways to Change the World

Do you desire to change the world? Many people desire to leave the world a better place for future generations but do not know where to begin. Contrary to some popular beliefs, changing the world does not begin in Washington D.C. or the state house, it begins at your house. It begins with your family and the small steps you are able to take very day. Do you desire to change the world? Take a look at these quick 31 Ways to Change the World. Each way is simple, yet it changes a person day and makes them smile. Assist an elderly couple with their groceries. Mow your neighbors grass when they are at work. Sell what you have and give it to the poor. Feed the homeless from your own pocket. Change your attitude to a positive one. Share Jesus with someone. Give some jewelry to a teenage girl or single mother. Send a widow some flowers. Clean out your closet and give the clothes to a shelter. Call your parents and tell them “Thank You.” Buy a couple dessert at a restaurant and do not tell them. Send flowers to your wife and daughter. Donate your time to a school. Donate school supplies to children in need. Pray with your children. Volunteer to speak at a school class about your profession. Donate to a charity in your...

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